Every. Single. Morning.


Wednesday 9th November

Waking up every morning

To the fact that you’re not here

Every. Single. Morning.

The pain will never disappear.


Nothing will ever change

You’re just not coming back

Every. Single. Morning.

Emptiness is my soundtrack.


I love you so very much

At your photograph I smile 

Every. Single. Morning.

Stopping to reflect awhile.


I wonder over the unsaid words 

What you might have become

Every. Single. Morning.

I miss you, my darling son.



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  1. My dad was killed Dec 24, 2004. I miss him every single day too. I know it’s not the same as losing a child, but I thought I would tell you that the sharpness of grief becomes more bearable with time. It never goes away. But letting it soften does not mean you loved him less. The extent of grief is different for everyone, but is also a sign of the love we had and will always have for them. Hugs.

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  2. I feel your pain. Parents should never have to bury their children. I lost my grandson at 18 days old. My heart hurt so much. As I am sobbing my heart out, I planted 32 rose bushes in the memory of my grandson. I must say, sobbing while digging out all the rock, and making this rose garden, that excess energy helped…at least for the moment. And that is when I knew…the hurt will never go away. You must find a way to go on moment by moment. This blog is so good for you to get your feelings on paper. I talk to my grandson almost everyday, hopefully he hears me. I am so deeply sorry for your loss honey, God Bless You and heal your heart.

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