We’re not really ever apart


Monday 1st May

The brightest star

In the sky tonight

That’s you, my Angel

Shining so bright.


The colourful bloom

In the flower bed

You’d grow the tallest

Sunflower, you said.


The fluffy, white clouds

Blowing in the sky

I know where you are

Right up there, on high.


Missing you like there’s​ no tomorrow

Loving you with all my heart

Thinking about you always

We’re not really ever apart.



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  1. https://polldaddy.com/js/rating/rating.js“The Last Laugh”, a PBS program on the Holocaust, made the point that grief is intensely personal. Survivors spoke about the families they had lost, and their lives today. One woman was still overwhelmed by grief decades later, viewing everything through that tragic lens. Another though was determined to live her life fully, as a way of having cheated death and the monsters who crafted the “final solution”. I hope and pray there will come a time your own grief lessens.

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    • Thank you for your kind thoughts.
      I know I will grieve for as long as I live, that won’t ever change. However, I will also try to live as full a life as possible, continue to travel and meet new people, all the while taking Frank along with us.

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