Sunday 23rd July


The heartache is real

The pain is real

The loss is real


The love is real

Your life was real

The memories are real


Missing you sweetie

Beloved Angel son


Pretty busy on the beach

Lifeguards watching the swimmers


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  1. I am so sorry about your loss. I cannot imagine the pain you feel. Hang in there and continue to be strong like you are. Thank you for sharing beauty through photographs even in the midst of pain.
    ❤ Alana

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    • (I don’t like to tempt fate 😉🤔😏)
      But thank you for asking.
      My last scan in May showed no significant change, so effectively I am referred to as NED (No Evidence of Disease). My next scan is in November ~ that will complete Year Four of the five year trial.
      I have lymphoedema massage appointments​ fortnightly, to keep my leg in check, and it does seem to be working ~ that and the fabulously fetching support stocking that I must wear!
      I eat healthily and try to walk 10,000+ steps each day, although I struggle with getting a good night’s sleep.
      All in all I can’t complain.
      Melanie x

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  2. It is true and real. His life is meaningful and brings bittersweet memories. You’re special and awesome to share his light with us. You are spreading messages of expressing love as it comes to us, briefly sometimes. 😇

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