I smiled


Thursday 27th July


I smiled today, whilst thinking of you

I cried too, with memories anew

I sighed a little, our love so true

I grieve so much, feeling quite blue

I whisper to you, just wish you knew

I dream of you, that you made it through

I keep on loving you, as I always do

I smiled today, whilst thinking of you.


Another Thursday

124 weeks

868 days

Missing you today, so very much

Sweetheart Angel son


So many holidaymakers in the surf: the lifeguards have their work cut out

Tents, windbreaks, parasols all vie for space on the sand

Many colourful boats in the harbour

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  1. My son also died on a Thursday (so we have that in common) and it’s been nine weeks…… I guess one never stops noting the weeks, the months? How do you deal with the birthdays? (Saturday would be his 45th and I’m dreading the day. He was born on a Saturday and that makes it worse somehow.)
    Thanks for your beautiful posts. I feel less alone in this grief…..

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    • So very, very sorry for the loss of your son.
      And it is so very hard, isn’t it, to outlive one’s child?
      Painful grief and deep love hurt so much when they collide.

      Yes, I do keep a note of days, weeks, months, special numbers….. and will always do so.

      Frank has had two birthdays in heaven: we spent them with him, talking to him, telling him where we’d go, the cake he’d eat, the candles he’d blow out, the presents he’d unwrap.

      My husband and I then would go for a quiet walk along the cliff tops, watching the sea, and we’d take ‘Frankie Angel Bear’ with us too.
      And we’d cry. We would cry so much.
      Remembering, thinking that this life isn’t fair, wondering what sort of man Frank would have grown up to be, the adventures we still had left to experience.
      And we’d whisper ‘Happy birthday’ to our little Angel.

      Take care
      Thinking of you, especially on Saturday.

      Melanie xx

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      • Melanie, thank you so much for sharing how you honor your son’s birthdays. That helps me a lot, just reading your kind words. And it also helps to have “permission” to grieve and cry. Those who haven’t been through this don’t understand that it’s something we parents will never get over.
        Thinking of you too, with kind, empathetic thoughts. Thank you so much for your blog page. It’s always so beautiful with your poems and the photos.
        💖💕 Betty

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      • Dearest Betty
        Thank you so much for your very kind words and thoughts.
        And yes, anyone who is not a member of ‘our club’, (even though we wish we weren’t a part), has absolutely no idea how we live and function each day, or from minute to minute, hour to hour.
        Take care
        Melanie x


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