Flying away


Sunday 3rd December


04:10 alarm awakens

05:30 car parked

06:00 bags dropped

07:20 gate opens

08:10 take off

10:15 land Lisbon

10:40 catch taxi

10:55 coach station

12:00 coach leaves

13:30 stop Evora

14:25 stop Estremoz

14:40 Borba

14:50 stop Terragem

15:10 arrive Elvas

15:30 chicken dinner

17:00 sunset Elvas

17:50 River Guadiana

18:00 moon rise

19:30 hotel Badajoz


And we do so wish you were with us

Love you my Angel


Lisbon aqueduct

Statue of Christ the King at Almada, overlooking Lisbon

Row upon row of vines

Views from the coach: blue skies, olive groves and cork trees 

Cows grazing on very dry earth

Aqueduct at Elvas

Sunset at the top of Elvas old town

Castle at Elvas

Looking over the old town of Elvas

Elvas rooftops

River Guadiana after sunset ~ Badajoz, Spain

Puente de la Universidad

The entrance to the old city of Badajoz

Full moon over the old castle at Badajoz

View from hotel in Badajoz

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