Monday 4th December


Your brother and his girlfriend have lived in Badajoz for three and a half years. We spent the day wandering around the city, practicing our Spanish; ordering breakfast, morning coffee, afternoon beers and dinner.

I think you would have enjoyed it here. A chilly start, but the brightest blue sky all day long. Many palm trees and orange trees lined the avenues and the shops were decorated for the festive season. A large department store had a whole floor of toys, books, electronics and videos. You could have spent all your pocket money here.

Early evening, and we went to check up on your brother ~ he owns an Academy, teaching English to Spanish children and adults. We are there when a class of four year olds are about to begin ~ my, were they noisy! You used to love looking after the youngsters in the nursery where you had a placement, so I’m sure you could have joined in with the lessons too.

We miss you so very much my darling.

Love you to the moon and back.


The moon at sunrise

Parque Castelar


Very tall palm trees

Parque Castelar

Beautifully​ coloured leaves on the maple trees, against a perfect blue sky

Lighted trees around the fountains

Avenida de Cristóbal Colon

Decorations of oranges?

Calle Santa Domingo

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