One thousand days


Tuesday 5th December


One thousand days and empty nights

As though someone turned out the lights

We didn’t know it was close to the end

We really thought you were on the mend


No longer we’ll hear the sound of laughter

You didn’t have that ‘Happy ever after’

Emptiness is all that remains

Since you broke free from those mortal chains


I tried so hard to save you that night

But you slipped away without a fight

Our darling boy in heaven above

We are sending to you so much love



The view over Badajoz from the castle walls

The old castle gate

Plaza Alta

Beautiful mosaics on the sides of the buildings

Pillars, arches, balconies….

Gardens of the Alcazaba

Pomegranate tree

Cobbled walkway

Such a beautiful day

Lemon tree

Orange tree

Your brother talking to some schoolchildren

Inside the museum

Ancient golden amulet

Fabulous mosaics in the museum

Narrow passageway to Rincón Nazarí

The entrance

Interior patio

Fabulous carved arches and pillars

Moorish themed tea, coffee and cocktail lounge

Frankie Angel Bear and a hubbly bubbly pipe

A cosy corner in Rincón Nazarí

Edificio La Giralda

Beautiful tiles depicting Badajoz

Plaza San Francisco at night ~ a Christmas market

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