Look forward, not back


Friday 15th December


Look forward, not back

But when I think of you

I’m thrown off track

Those memories to pursue

Good times to unpack

Before we said “Adieu”

The past holds a pack

Of joy and love so true


Missing you my darling

Precious Angel son


Bit of a swell hitting Lambeth Walk

Dark and stormy over the harbour

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  1. Such a beautiful post, your pictures are a delight and the stormy Lambeth walk is so very dramatic. Yes your poem is beautiful too, I hope you find peace within. Your memories will never go but maybe they can just walk with you without so much hurt.

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    • Thank you for your kindness.
      No, my memories will never go, they’ll always be there, with me.
      I just have to keep on remembering, so as not to forget. If that makes sense.
      x 👼 x


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