Monday 19th March


Thinking of you every day

Love you with all my heart

Wish I could go back I time

Our precious lives to restart


Missing my Angel

Dearest, darling son


View of St. Ives from Carbis Bay

Bitterly cold this afternoon at Porthmeor Beach

Sunshine in the corner of the harbour

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  1. Father and I moved from Miami, Florida to Greensboro, North Carolina 3 years ago leaving behind 60 years of roots. Was quite a challenge at our ages (I’ll be 69 in June, he’ll be 95 in November) but this restart has brought a whole new life, refreshing and delightful in many ways. There are many kinds or restart don’t you agree ? All take courage and a preparedness for disappointment. But we can restart again.

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    • Wow, that certainly sounds like a major change for you both, but so pleased you seem to have taken the move in your stride, and are relishing in your new lives.


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