I didn’t ask


Sunday 18th March


I didn’t ask for memories

We were having so much fun

I thought we’d have more time

More adventures under the sun


I didn’t want memories

I didn’t think I’d need them

Didn’t realise what they’d be

Each one is now a priceless gem


I didn’t assume they’d be memories

Those precious moments in time

Caught forever on camera

Or locked into that heart of mine


And now that’s what you are

A beautiful, treasured memory

My dearest, darling Angel son

Soaring high and flying free.



Cold and grey, but none of the promised snow

My first walk into town for a week, since dislocating my toe

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  1. Memories are a funny thing in our lives.we hold on to them or we try to erase them but weather they are good or not they shape us and even if we think they fade away they don’t .they lay there ready to come back when we need them.

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