Why would I not?


Monday 21st May


I love you like you’re still here

Why would I not?

I miss you with every beat of my heart

Why would I not?

I cry because you’ve gone

Why would I not?

I try to remember everything about you

Why would I not?

I think about you day and night

Why would I not?

But then, I know we’ll meet again

Why would we not?


My darling Angel son


A warm and hazy Falmouth this morning

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    • Thank you.
      There is always so much to look at in the marina; the pleasure boats, fishing trawlers, sailing yachts and motor launches….especially colourful in the sunshine.

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      • We have a small marina about four miles from my house and sometimes on a Saturday I will walk down there, but it is very tiny in comparison to the one in your photo. What is interesting there though is on Saturday morning, the local rowing club launches their boats, with about 6-8 men aboard each one. They have competitions down at the Detroit River and often launch at that marina. Interesting to watch them pile in the boat and take off so smoothly.

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