Some days


Saturday 1st September


Some days strong

Some days weak

Sometimes chatty

Then I can’t speak


Some days happy

Some days sad

Sometimes calm

Then I’m going mad


Some days brave

Some days afraid

Sometimes upbeat

Then so dismayed


Ups and downs

Keeping life in check

Trying hard

Feeling like a wreck


Suppressing the hurt

Hiding all the pain

Waiting for the time

I’ll see you again


Beautiful angel

My darling son

Love you always

Now forever young



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  1. I so can relate. September 1 was the one year anniversary of Terry’s passing. Did several blogs on this on my site over past 2 weeks.
    Beautiful poem and flowers today on your blogsite. Keep hanging in there. Your son is happy and content in his next stage of life in heaven as is Terry.
    All we can do is try to continue to embrace life as our loved ones would want us to do.

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    • Thank you Gary.
      I remember following Terry’s posts, always written with such hope and upbeat anecdotes. A sad day when he passed on.
      Hope you are keeping strong yourself.
      Take care.
      Melanie x


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