Even though


Saturday 8th September


Even though you’ve gone away

Within my heart is where you stay

Trying to keep those tears at bay

Whilst thinking about you every day


I still have so many things to say

Wishing I could go back to yesterday

When life was anything but grey

And the sun shone with iridescent ray


We would be planning our holiday

Our annual trip to the USA

Fun outdoors where you would play

Shopping, swimming, theme parks, yay!


So to heaven climbing the stairway

Upon a cloud is now where you lay

And I am left in utter disarray

But I’ll love you till my dying day


Beloved Angel son


Porthmeor Beach

The lifeguards are still on duty

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    • Thank you.
      We have been coming to America almost yearly, as a family, since 1994, most summers and a number of times over Christmas.
      South Carolina and Florida are our favourite states.
      My father used to sail up and down the east coast, and we used to join him on our vacations.
      He passed away in 2009 and we continue to visit and meet up with his friends in North Myrtle Beach.
      We also love Hilton Head Island, the theme parks of Orlando, (Frank loved rollercoasters), and the Keys.
      We have been to Chicago twice, where my brother lives.
      When I was much younger I spent time with my father in Winter Haven FL, where he had a condo, Durango CO, where he had a ranch, and in California where he had girlfriends! Santa Monica, San Francisco, Carmel, San Diego….. Such fun times together.

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