Daily Archives: November 7, 2018

You’re always near


Wednesday 7th November


Strolling, sauntering

Meandering, wandering

Exploring, rambling

Roaming, venturing


The streets and alleyways

Of Badajoz city

A coffee and cake here

A beer and olives there


And we were wondering

How you would fare

Seeking out shops

Selling books and comics


You wouldn’t get lost

You’d find your way back

Great sense of direction

Always had the knack


And you are here

Dear Frankie Angel Bear

Travelling together

You’re always near


Love you forever

Forget you never


Plaza de Minayo and the Performing Arts Theatre

Christmas themed horticulture

A sunny corner of Plaza San Francisco

Amazingly tall palm trees in Parque de Castelar

El Alma de Genio restaurant

Edificio de la Giralda

Beautiful balconies, wrought ironwork, tiles, copper vases, and the god Mercury atop the highest spire

Calle San Juan

Plaza de España

Christmas tree outside the cathedral

Plaza de Cervantes

Miguel de Cervantes

Trees laden with oranges

An ice cold beer with Frankie Angel Bear in Plaza San Francisco

Sun going down, and the sky filling up with plane vapour trails

Plaza San Francisco

Gates to the Parque de Castelar

Sunset over the Guadiana River

Pretty colours in the sky

A rich and rosy glow