Daily Archives: November 11, 2018



Sunday 11th November


A Sunday for families

Church then socialising

Generations together

Happy thoughts, vocalising


A medieval market

Olivenza old town

Out-door museum

Wandering up and down


Music and food

Tantalising the senses

Castle and keep

Historical defences


Again, you were here

With us all day long

Enjoying the day

Caught up in the throng


Love you

Miss you


Angel son



Held up in traffic by the Elvas to Badajoz half marathon

Inside a small local bar in Badajoz

The walls of the old city of Olivenza

Luke and flamenco dancers

A statue in the Plaza Santa Maria

Archway through to the museum

Ancient artifacts

Plaza Santa Maria

The Homage Tower, or keep, begun in 1488, 37 metres tall

Parroquia De Santa María Del Castillo

Beautiful archway

Wandering around the old town of Olivenza

Outdoor museum displays

A colourful scene today: tapas, music, street entertainers

Old artillery

Medieval weaponry

Swords and shields


The real thing, not reproductions

Medieval food

A noisy samba band

A huge, circular barbecue

Almonds, peanuts, sunflower seeds, sweetly honey-coated

Later on, a pretty sky

Vodka caramel shots following lunch

A splendid Rioja