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So that’s a week done


Friday 20th December


So that’s a week done

In the Florida Keys

Packing up tonight

Back to Miami, please


Son and girlfriend flying

For two weeks of fun

Orlando and theme parks

Look out, here we come


And you are here with us

You loved all the rides

Upside-down roller-coasters

Surrounded on all sides


Scared of nothing

Showing no fear

Sweet Angel son

You’ll always be near



A windy Sombrero Beach

Empty this morning

We had a wander

Trees growing out from sharp lava rocks

Roots spreading out

Quite a strange sight

Such difficult terrain for the trees

They do seem to manage well

Quite grey again today

And breezy too

Today it rained


Thursday 19th December


And so today it rained

Can’t be perfect all the time

Paradise needs watering

Keeps the splendour in its prime


Love you poppet

Beloved Angel son


Morning coffee at the Midway Café

The Bayside Marina in front of the Worldwide Sportsman

Inside the Worldwide Sportsman, with a full scale replica of Hemingway’s boat Pilar, in the middle of the store

A striped palm tree (water running down the trunk caused it to look like this)

Christmas tree in the foyer

Very windy this evening

Waking up early


Wednesday 18th December


Waking up early

Breakfast and coffee

Little bit rainy

And also cloudy

Humid and steamy

So doing the laundry

Then watching the sea

At Key Colony

A day quite lazy

Taking it easy

Slow and steady


Thinking of you daily

My darling Angel baby



A muggy morning


Sunset Park

At Key Colony

Dark clouds on the horizon

But still warm and breezy

The sea looks inviting, but no swimming allowed

Taking it easy

Bahia Honda State Park


Tuesday 17th December


Off to Bahia Honda State Park

Along the bridge, that’s seven miles long

Trying to find shade beneath the palms

With the sun beating down so strong


Climbing up the trail to old US 1

A panoramic view of the islands

Looking down at the beach and flora

With the sea sparkling with diamonds


You’ve walked around here too

Scaring iguanas, chasing butterflies

My precious little Angel son

Sending love and kisses, lots of high fives



Bahia Honda beach

The old railroad built by Henry Flagler, 1905 – 1912, destroyed by a hurricane in 1935

Not busy at all at 9:30am

So peaceful

An ibis comes scavenging

Grinch on the beach

Gary tries the water

Walking along the trail

To the top of the bridge

Spectacular views

Gorgeous colours

A welcome butter pecan ice-cream

And here we are, in the shade

Back at the hotel pool

A bite to eat at Porky’s bayside diner

Pelicans looking for scraps

Key West


Sunday 15th December


Down to Key West

Classic car show

I’ll have the Viper

Wrap it, to go


Hot sun, blue skies

Cruise ships, times three

Tourists aplenty

So much to see


Thinking of you

Beloved Angel son

Wish you were here

Now forever young



“Fred” the tree on the Seven Mile Bridge

Frank came along too

Great paint job on this truck with suicide doors

A mint green pick up

The Viper

Such a neat interior

I’ll drive it away, shall I? Dream on….


Pontiac Parisienne

Shaded from the midday sun

Three huge cruise ships in today

I’d rather sail away on this yacht

Sombrero Beach


Saturday 14th December


Sombrero Beach

Warm sunshine

Hats and sunscreen

Pretty coastline


You’ve been here

With us before

Reading a book

Along the shore


Love you poppet

Darling Angel son

In my heart

Forever young



Frank at Sombrero Beach, January 2007

The walkway alongside the beach

Calm and empty first thing this morning

Sparkly sea

Gary dipped his toes in

I didn’t try the water

Lots of motor boats and yachts sailing past

Newly planted marram grass to stabilise the dunes following Hurricane Irma

A pleasant morning

Swaying palm trees

Leaving the beach

A funky beach car? Three wheeler

A Slingshot Polaris

John Pennecamp Coral Reef State Park


Thursday 27th December


John Pennecamp Coral Reef State Park

Along with Grinch and Frankie Angel Bear

A beautifully warm and breezy day

Finding shade under the sun’s glare


Thinking of you sweetie

As we always do

Precious Angel son

Sending kisses to you



Far Beach at John Pennecamp Coral Reef State Park

A white ibis

Cannon Beach

Grinch and Frankie Angel Bear

And again

Bendy trees

Looking towards Cannon Beach

Besides the mangroves, but no crocodilians 🐊

Back at our resort, waiting for the sun to set

Always beautiful to just sit and contemplate

Watching the changing colours

A sunset party on the dock

So very tranquil



Friday 14th December


Chillin’ on the dock

Sunny and peaceful day

Dolphins and manatees

Playing in the bay


Busy doing nothin’

Recharging batteries

A welcome vacation

Down in the Florida Keys


Thinking of you at sunset

Warmed by the golden glow

Imagining you’re with us

As a soft breeze does blow


Beloved Angel son


Our spot on the end of the dock

A flying boat? No, it’s being launched by a forklift

An iguana on the dock

Our chairs

Another beautiful sunset

A quiet day


Sunday 8th January

A quiet day

On our own.

Time to reflect

Whilst alone.

The breeze is warm

Palm fronds blown.

Thinking of you

Times we’ve known.

Beyond the stars

Is where you’ve flown.

Love you my darling

My sparkling gem-stone.