Today we went by bus


Monday 22nd April


Today we went by bus

Into Málaga city

Up and down the marina

The boats all look so pretty


A stop for afternoon tea

With fabulous views all round

Six floors up on a terrace

Relaxing in shade we found


Thinking of both my boys

And all the fun times we had

Sometimes I feel so happy

Yet sometimes so very sad


Missing my Angel in heaven


Alighting from the bus, opposite the Town Hall

Paseo del Parque

The Pompidou Centre

Statues and fountains in the park

A peaceful retreat from the bustling city

Palm strewn walkways

In front of the Pompidou Centre

Marina shops, restaurants and bars

We watched “The World” dock. A floating residence for those who want to cruise around the globe.

A fascinating building

Boadicea, a luxury motor yacht.

The World dwarfing Boadicea

Plaza de la Marina

Gary being cool



Viewpoints highlighted from the terrace

The cathedral standing tall

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