Daily Archives: April 13, 2019

Most perfect of days


Saturday 13th April


Coffee, chocolate and churros

We stopped for a midmorning break

Waiting for your brother to arrive

A guilty pleasure to take


We all had lunch together

Then walked to Pedregalejo

Dodging the tourists and locals

Ice creams and a smoothie combo


Late afternoon in the sunshine

Enjoying the warmth of the rays

The sea was too cold to swim

But it’s been the most perfect of days


Wish you were here

To join in the fun

With all your family

Darling Angel son



Coffee, chocolate and churros

Not very healthy, but so tasty!

Beers in the sun

Beautiful bottle brush

Shadows on the pavement

My broccoli, celery, mango and apple smoothie

A delicious ice cream sundae

Late afternoon at the beach

But the sea was rather cool

So many green parrots live in the palms

Enjoying the warmth