Daily Archives: April 24, 2019

It’s time to go home


Wednesday 24th April


It’s time to go home

We’ve come to the end

Spanish holiday

Really recommend


So lovely to see

Our Luke birthday boy

Spending time with him

Truly was a joy


Flying back tonight

Just waiting around

All packed and ready

Soon be homeward bound


Thinking of you sweetie

As I do every day

Treasured Angel son

Just a heartbeat away



Water is only the sea, water is the river

Water the torrent, and water the brook

But the voice that speaks and sings in them

It’s not the water, it’s the wind.

The sea

Smile in the distance

Foam teeth

Lips of heaven

A cloudy and cool morning

Málaga and Torremolinos covered in clouds

What better way to warm up, than a coffee and slice of carrot cake?

Washing flapping in the breeze and trilling birdsong from the cages kept on balconies

Green parrots are everywhere (Monk parakeets)

The Finger Beach…..

Blustery scene

Only a tiny bit of blue sky

Doesn’t look very inviting!