Daily Archives: April 10, 2019

Looking over the rooftops


Wednesday 10th April


Sitting on our terrace

Not far from the ocean

Looking over the rooftops

The waves in salty motion


A beachside chiringuito

Sardines and anchovies

Espetos y boquerones

And a couple of beers please


A warm and sunny afternoon

Just watching the world go by

A sailboat enjoys the breeze

Fluffy clouds float in the sky


Thinking of you my darling

You’re with us all the way

Just like you were in times past

You loved your holiday


Treasured Angel son


Driving past a brewery this morning

Espetos for lunch

Boquerones cooked on an outdoor barbecue

A colourful walkway in El Palo, Málaga

Looking over the rooftops

Towards the Mediterranean Sea

Fluffy clouds

Tree lined street

Palm trees at the beach