Bahia Honda State Park


Tuesday 17th December


Off to Bahia Honda State Park

Along the bridge, that’s seven miles long

Trying to find shade beneath the palms

With the sun beating down so strong


Climbing up the trail to old US 1

A panoramic view of the islands

Looking down at the beach and flora

With the sea sparkling with diamonds


You’ve walked around here too

Scaring iguanas, chasing butterflies

My precious little Angel son

Sending love and kisses, lots of high fives



Bahia Honda beach

The old railroad built by Henry Flagler, 1905 – 1912, destroyed by a hurricane in 1935

Not busy at all at 9:30am

So peaceful

An ibis comes scavenging

Grinch on the beach

Gary tries the water

Walking along the trail

To the top of the bridge

Spectacular views

Gorgeous colours

A welcome butter pecan ice-cream

And here we are, in the shade

Back at the hotel pool

A bite to eat at Porky’s bayside diner

Pelicans looking for scraps

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