Mother’s Day


Sunday 22nd March


Remembering the little things

And all that you used to do

Mother’s Day presents for me

My box of chocolates eaten by you!


A pair of earrings, or boots too big

What thoughts were you going through?

A yellow dress, wrong size, but pretty

Given with love, and a heart so true


Still miss you so, my darling boy

Blowing kisses to a sky, bright blue


Love you poppet

Beloved Angel son


Porthmeor Beach this afternoon, a lot less windy

A few strolling in the sunshine

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    • The poem got me thinking about how Mother’s Day is really a celebration of life, Mother Nature and all.
      I think it’s fitting to come right after Easter.
      Life and Death celebrated during the time of transitions, fall for some, spring for others.
      Really poetic πŸ€”
      Really a special day πŸ˜„

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