Driving to Caernarfon



Friday 7th August

An early start via Starbucks for the essential morning cappuccino, then we’re on our way to Wales, crossing the Severn Bridge. We’re on our way to Snowdon. For you.

Google Maps said the journey would take four hours. I picked out Builth Wells as a half way stop for a break, and that did work out at a little over two hours.

Driving along, we rounded a bend, and came across a superb display of sunflowers, with all the faces happily turned towards the sun. It was as if you were standing on the roadside, waving us along on our way. It did bring tears to our eyes. Lots of simple things seem to do that these days. Things that remind us of you.


The second half of the journey took much longer, as we were stuck behind slower traffic. We finally rolled into Caernarfon about three thirty, six hours after setting off. Early dinner and a cold beer were very welcome, followed by a stroll around the castle.


Caernarfon Castle

This is the first time in one hundred and twenty one days that we haven’t visited you at your resting place. But I feel your presence with us somehow. We have brought you along, and will take you up the mountain tomorrow. You are in our hearts, always. Plus, your toy dolphin slept on our hotel bed last night, and is here again tonight. I will put him in my backpack and walk him to the very top of Mount Snowdon. Of that you can be certain.

Sending kisses to Heaven.
Love you forever my Angel.

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