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Thursday 20th August

The overcast greyness that is our August ‘summer at the seaside’ continues. Families on holiday traipsing around the streets or valiantly setting up camp on the beach to build sandcastles or swim in the sea.
What a difference a sunny day makes to a tourist destination. Sunshine definitely puts a smile on peoples’ faces.
But it feels more like October today.
Cool, damp and misty.

The best part was going out for dinner this evening with your brother, his Spanish girlfriend and her sister. We haven’t seen your brother since before we went to Wales to climb Mount Snowdon. It was great to talk to him about our trek, and to share with him all our photographs. We spoke about you a lot. And how we miss you. How we miss you so very much.

Twenty three weeks ago today your brother flew home from Spain. You and Dad drove to Bristol to collect him from the airport. Feeling very tired when you arrived back home, you went for a lie down in our bed.
And you never woke up again.
I remember that evening as if it was just about to happen all over again tonight.
So unexpected. Unforeseen. Unbelievable.

That we were all together on that final day, is something for which I am ever thankful.

I have so much love in my heart for both of my boys.

But you have left such a massive void in all of our lives. There is so much unspoken sadness, grief and desolation.

Love you always.
Both of you.
Living son.
Angel son.