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Sunshine and smiles


Thursday 18th May


Sunshine and smiles

Big fluffy clouds

Blue skies and warmth

Bringing out the crowds.


How you loved to walk

Around the town

People watching

Hurrying on down.


A book clasped tightly

To read on the go

Turning pages

Head bowed low.


Now as an Angel

Do you still roam

Right beside us

And come back home?


I think you do

I hope you’re there

Loving the outdoors

Breathing fresh air.


But I still miss you

So very much

Wish you were here

Your hand I would touch.



Harbour panorama

Blue skies overhead

The surfing beach

Home safely



Monday 10th August

We arrived home safely this afternoon, still with aches and pains in our calves and shoulders, but they are somewhat easing. We all feel a great sense of achievement, having done something positive, and special, in memory and in honour of you. I dearly hope you are proud of us. Smiling down on us all.

After dropping off my sister, we came to see you. We talked for quite some time, telling you about our weekend climb to the top of Mount Snowdon ~ but you knew all about that anyway, didn’t you? Because you came along too.


Your beautiful flowers

We tidied your graveside flowers, as the weather had been quite stormy since we’d been away. Even your sunflowers were still going strong. It’s good to be back close to you.


Your horse standing guard

I think a lot of people learnt about you this weekend.
You were so very special.
Love you more than words can say.
Precious Angel xxx

The day after Snowdon



Sunday 9th August

Oh my, what an amazing day yesterday turned out to be. We can’t stop thinking, talking, and remembering all that we achieved.

We keep looking at all the photographs and smiling. We truly had you in our hearts when we walked up Mount Snowdon.

The only downside is how our bodies are feeling this morning. Muscles we didn’t even know existed are aching and throbbing with every step we take. But the pain is worth it. We did our trek in honour of you. We wish we didn’t have to. We wish we were elsewhere. With you. But that is not to be.

As we made our return journey down South through Wales, the rain and mist were covering the mountain ranges. How lucky were we to have such splendid weather yesterday? You must have organised that for us.

And as we were driving along, we again passed the row of yellow, smiling sunflowers. You were waving us on our way again, weren’t you?


Waving sunflowers through the car window.

We wish you were still with us.
Love you so much my little sunshine.
Fly high my starman.

The ascent of Snowdon



Saturday 8th August

Well, we did it. Sore feet, aching backs and tired legs, but we jolly well did it.
We climbed Mount Snowdon today. Wow, what an amazing feeling to reach the summit. 1080m above sea level.

About twenty different male cancer charities took part today, on the eighth annual testicular cancer trek. Survivors and family members gathered at the train station in Llanberis, and set off at about 9:45am.

My goodness, what a steep start to the climb, almost off-putting, but we kept plodding along. My husband, myself and my sister. And we all took a bit of Frank with us. Wearing black t-shirts, emblazoned with Frank’s name, flags, toys and a banner for when we reached the summit, we were truly trekking in his memory. I hope he would have been proud of us.


Just before the start.

I found the climb to be quite arduous, and we finally reached the summit about 2:30pm. We made it, we achieved what we set out to do.


Snowdonia National Park.

We thought the walk back would be easier, but my goodness, the steepness of the track, and the loose shale made the going pretty tricky.


Frank's dolphin came to Snowdon.

The weather was kind to us all day, and so made for outstanding views. Truly breathtaking and a very proud moment for us.


At the summit.

We finally arrived back from where we began at 6pm, some eight hours later. Completely wiped out, but so pleased we had achieved our goal. We met so many inspirational people, who were more than willing to stop and chat.

So Frank, we climbed a mountain in honour of you. I wish we didn’t have to do it, but three people who stopped me on the way, and asked about our t-shirts, said you would have been so proud, and that you were smiling down on us.

Love you so very much my sweet Angel.

Driving to Caernarfon



Friday 7th August

An early start via Starbucks for the essential morning cappuccino, then we’re on our way to Wales, crossing the Severn Bridge. We’re on our way to Snowdon. For you.

Google Maps said the journey would take four hours. I picked out Builth Wells as a half way stop for a break, and that did work out at a little over two hours.

Driving along, we rounded a bend, and came across a superb display of sunflowers, with all the faces happily turned towards the sun. It was as if you were standing on the roadside, waving us along on our way. It did bring tears to our eyes. Lots of simple things seem to do that these days. Things that remind us of you.


The second half of the journey took much longer, as we were stuck behind slower traffic. We finally rolled into Caernarfon about three thirty, six hours after setting off. Early dinner and a cold beer were very welcome, followed by a stroll around the castle.


Caernarfon Castle

This is the first time in one hundred and twenty one days that we haven’t visited you at your resting place. But I feel your presence with us somehow. We have brought you along, and will take you up the mountain tomorrow. You are in our hearts, always. Plus, your toy dolphin slept on our hotel bed last night, and is here again tonight. I will put him in my backpack and walk him to the very top of Mount Snowdon. Of that you can be certain.

Sending kisses to Heaven.
Love you forever my Angel.

Sunshine sauntering



Tuesday 21st July

Sunshine. It certainly does lift the spirits. Today feels quite summery, and just the sort of weather to take an afternoon walk/stroll/meander/hike, call it what you wish.

Today my new walking sandals arrive through the mail. This is the footwear that will help me climb a mountain. Hhhmmm, I jolly well hope so.

In eighteen days, myself, my husband and sister plan to climb Mount Snowdon in Wales. (None of us are wonderfully fit, or seasoned walkers, so it will be a challenge. Hence the daily walks as some sort of preparation).

We are doing this in memory of our son, and joining the annual testicular cancer trek. Survivors and family members take part, and walk the Llanberis Path to the summit. A 7km winding route, with a height gain of 945m, to reach the summit which is 1085m above sea level.

How long will it take us? Estimates have been given as anything between three and a half to five and half hours each way. Whatever the actual time, we know it’s not a race; to make the ascent and stand on the summit will be an amazing moment for all of us.

We will each take you with us in our hearts.

Fly high my beloved Angel.