The ascent of Snowdon



Saturday 8th August

Well, we did it. Sore feet, aching backs and tired legs, but we jolly well did it.
We climbed Mount Snowdon today. Wow, what an amazing feeling to reach the summit. 1080m above sea level.

About twenty different male cancer charities took part today, on the eighth annual testicular cancer trek. Survivors and family members gathered at the train station in Llanberis, and set off at about 9:45am.

My goodness, what a steep start to the climb, almost off-putting, but we kept plodding along. My husband, myself and my sister. And we all took a bit of Frank with us. Wearing black t-shirts, emblazoned with Frank’s name, flags, toys and a banner for when we reached the summit, we were truly trekking in his memory. I hope he would have been proud of us.


Just before the start.

I found the climb to be quite arduous, and we finally reached the summit about 2:30pm. We made it, we achieved what we set out to do.


Snowdonia National Park.

We thought the walk back would be easier, but my goodness, the steepness of the track, and the loose shale made the going pretty tricky.


Frank's dolphin came to Snowdon.

The weather was kind to us all day, and so made for outstanding views. Truly breathtaking and a very proud moment for us.


At the summit.

We finally arrived back from where we began at 6pm, some eight hours later. Completely wiped out, but so pleased we had achieved our goal. We met so many inspirational people, who were more than willing to stop and chat.

So Frank, we climbed a mountain in honour of you. I wish we didn’t have to do it, but three people who stopped me on the way, and asked about our t-shirts, said you would have been so proud, and that you were smiling down on us.

Love you so very much my sweet Angel.

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  1. We saw you up there, well done! you guys obviously made Frank proud, and brilliant to get the message out there and raise awareness. Now I’m off to tend to sore legs and sunburn!

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