Daily Archives: August 10, 2015

Home safely



Monday 10th August

We arrived home safely this afternoon, still with aches and pains in our calves and shoulders, but they are somewhat easing. We all feel a great sense of achievement, having done something positive, and special, in memory and in honour of you. I dearly hope you are proud of us. Smiling down on us all.

After dropping off my sister, we came to see you. We talked for quite some time, telling you about our weekend climb to the top of Mount Snowdon ~ but you knew all about that anyway, didn’t you? Because you came along too.


Your beautiful flowers

We tidied your graveside flowers, as the weather had been quite stormy since we’d been away. Even your sunflowers were still going strong. It’s good to be back close to you.


Your horse standing guard

I think a lot of people learnt about you this weekend.
You were so very special.
Love you more than words can say.
Precious Angel xxx