Daily Archives: August 9, 2015

The day after Snowdon



Sunday 9th August

Oh my, what an amazing day yesterday turned out to be. We can’t stop thinking, talking, and remembering all that we achieved.

We keep looking at all the photographs and smiling. We truly had you in our hearts when we walked up Mount Snowdon.

The only downside is how our bodies are feeling this morning. Muscles we didn’t even know existed are aching and throbbing with every step we take. But the pain is worth it. We did our trek in honour of you. We wish we didn’t have to. We wish we were elsewhere. With you. But that is not to be.

As we made our return journey down South through Wales, the rain and mist were covering the mountain ranges. How lucky were we to have such splendid weather yesterday? You must have organised that for us.

And as we were driving along, we again passed the row of yellow, smiling sunflowers. You were waving us on our way again, weren’t you?


Waving sunflowers through the car window.

We wish you were still with us.
Love you so much my little sunshine.
Fly high my starman.