The grieving heart



Sunday 11th October

“I am the loneliness of the tree as she
loses her falling leaves………
……… I am the love without end
I am the grieving heart.”

That first line.

The crisp, golden-brown leaves are now beginning their downward spiral as the autumn winds gently shake the branches to loosen the hold of those colour changing, confetti-like leaves.

All around your place of rest, the ground is strewn with crisp, brown leaves. Once detached from it’s branch, that’s it. There’s no going back. The leaf can only fall to earth. Maybe not directly, being picked up by the wind and tumbled along. But ultimately it’s flight path or destination is irreversible.

Each leaf falls independently, alone, but then they land on the ground, together.

You, my darling, have fallen from our arms, there is no possibility of reversing that fact. I have lost you. But you are together in heaven with your great-grandparents, grandfathers and aunt.

And I am left with a grieving heart.

Love you beautiful boy.
Forever with me.



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