A thousand silent ways



Wednesday 28th October

Every day, and night, I do speak to you, in a thousand silent ways.

I acknowledge a sound, a smell, music, a book, a cloud, a flower, a moment in time, a face in a crowd, a bird, a butterfly, or that black cat in the cemetery.

So many incidences that bring you to mind, and I say your name.
I speak to you silently.
All the time.

And I do talk to you out loud too.
I ask how you are, what you’re doing, which aeroplane you’ve caught today, what theme park you’re visiting.

And I tell you I love you.
That I’m missing you so very much.
I say those words so many times to you.

“I closed my eyes
and spoke to you
in a thousand
silent ways.”

I wish I could hear your voice in return.

Fly high
My dearest
Angel son.


Your Auntie's sunflowers are still growing strong.


This particular sunflower seemed to have a mind of it's own. Almost playful in the way it bobbed about. As if it were smiling.



Your flowers today.


High tide in the harbour tonight. I wonder what you would have made of it.


The seawater was all over the road.

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