Just can’t believe you’re gone



Wednesday 2nd December

This is our last day on holiday with your brother and his girlfriend.
We awake early, pack, have a coffee, then load up the car.
We are heading for Portugal, ultimately for Lisbon airport, but first we stop at a little seaside town, Caparica, for lunch.

Your brother had recommended a sushi restaurant, so we sit down and order……..
My goodness, what a spread.


Part of our lunch order


Spectacular sushi

We then need a little exercise to walk off our lunch. The sea had some good waves, with many surfers enjoying the swell. The local fishermen were bringing in today’s catch up on the sand.
We sat for a while, on a rocky pier, in the warm afternoon sunshine.


View of Caparica from the pier


Your brother, wishing he was out surfing too


You enjoyed the sunshine too


Fishermen with their boat and tractors, hauling in the net


Fishermen against a blue and cloudy sky

And I thought of you.
This is our first holiday where you haven’t been able to join us.
It took much soul searching for us to make up our minds to go away without you.
You were always such a huge part of our travel plans.
You absolutely loved coming away on holiday with us.
And now, everything has changed.

And sometimes, I still just can’t believe you’re gone………

I miss you so, so much.
Thinking of you tonight.
Love you, baby.
Angel son.

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  1. I’d be lying if I tell you that time will ease the pain of your loss, because it doesn’t, but, with the passing of time, you will learn to carry on, and, it’s still very difficult, especially, on these special occasions and holidays…

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