In response to ‘Everything and Nothing’



Tuesday 8th December

“Yes, you can laugh. He’d want you to.
You can do whatever you want to do.
You can cry, you can wail,
Whatever it takes to nurture your frail.
You can question, you can ask,
For however long this pain lasts.
You can scream, you can yell,
Until you run out of stories to tell.
You can share, share with us all,
Show us how much it hurts to fall.
So thank you, thank you for You,
For sharing your heart, and being true.”

This poem was written for me by fellow blogger following yesterday’s post from me, ‘Everything and Nothing’.

I absolutely love the poem, even though on first reading I’ll admit it did make me cry.
It’s just so beautiful and an amazing, kindhearted gesture.
Such generous compassion.
So thank you LonerLoaner, from the bottom of my heart.

And I will continue to write, to tell of the stories and memories of my son, to share my pain and heartbreak to all who will listen and read.

I do so miss you, baby.
Love you sweetie pie.
Thinking of you always.
Dearest Angel son.




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