The memory of a life well spent



Wednesday 9th December

“The life given us by nature is short,
but the memory of a life well spent
is eternal.”            Cicero

A life well spent?
Of that I’m sure.
Around the world
On one big tour.

Fun and laughter,
A terrific education.
New experiences
Whilst on vacation.

Happy families
Traveling together.
Making memories
In sunny weather.


Here you are with Kenneth the Pan Man, at Cascreole Restaurant in Castara, Tobago in 2002. We had anchored my dad’s yacht out in the bay, and come ashore in the dingy to find somewhere for lunch.


As we were sitting on the rooftop of this restaurant a man sets up his steel drums and plays for us, then offers to teach you how to play ‘Twinkle, twinkle little star’. How honoured did you feel? You felt so good at being able to have a go on the steel drums, and as I remember, you were pretty good at it too.


Having finished our lunch, we spent time on the beach, snorkelling, swimming and making sandcastles. Such lush, tropical surroundings, crystal clear seas, with the coconut palms growing on the beach, leaning over the waves. Paradise.

Dreams and memories of happy times.

Blowing kisses to heaven.
Love you forever.
Sweet Angel son.


Jingle bells for you xxx


Love you xxx

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  1. Thank you for sharing these precious memories! It reminded me of my cousin who was full of life.. He had completed his studies in the medical field but unfortunately lost his life in a bike accident! But it’s the life that he lived so joyously that matters now.

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