Someone Special



Thursday 17th December

“You are missed each
and every day,
for you were
Someone Special
who meant more than
words can say.”

To us you were
Someone special.
Yes, you were
Truly exceptional.

Different from some,
A real character.
You meant everything,
Our family together.

Fun and games,
Pulling funny faces,
Lots of adventures,
Visiting new places.

But sadly no more .
Forty weeks tonight,
On Angel wings
You took flight.

Love you so much.
Will miss you forever.
Dearest Angel,
Forget you, never.


On the ferry, from Fort Fisher, NC to Southport, SC……
Friday 11th August, 2006…….


Funny face with Dad


Funny face with Mum


My very own Harley. Broadway at the Beach, Myrtle Beach, SC


Where's the chauffeur for my Hummer?


A new tree for you today


Love you xxxxx

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  1. Your pictures are so beautiful. So full of love. ❤ Even though it was cut so short, it's clear your son lived a full life with you and your family and all who know him. ❤ All my love & compassion to you and your family and all those suffering this tragic loss.

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