Swimming with dolphins



Saturday 2nd January

On this very day, nine years ago,
You fulfilled a wish
That meant so much.
We booked a time for you to go solo.

Swimming with dolphins was such a dream,
An amazing experience
Just for you.
Sleek grey mammals, whose skin did gleam.

A caring instructor looking after you,
Making sure you had
The best of the session,
Listening to directions to see you through.

Taking a while to dispel your fears,
Soon it’ll be your turn
For the swim.
Shall I, shan’t I? As the moment nears.

Reaching out to touch the flipper gently,
A kiss on the nose,
A swim on your own,
You were concentrating so very intently.

Holding carefully onto the dorsal fin,
Kibby the dolphin
Became your friend,
And across your face, a great big grin.

So, swim free and far my darling angel,
With the dolphins
Of the azure, blue sea,
Bobbing and diving, incredibly graceful.

Love you forever
Miss you always.


Dolphin Research Centre. Grassy Key. 2nd January 2007



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  1. Mel, I just love this so much. My son had the same experience after his brain injury. Those magnificent creatures came to him as if they knew he needed the extra love. Love to you, sweetheart. Happy New Year.

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    • Thank you.
      He really did have a fantastic opportunity.
      Rather shy and unsure at first, he was kept focused by a wonderful instructor, and went on to have a terrific encounter with the dolphins.

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