Your birthday in heaven



Monday 18th January

Today we celebrate your birthday
But no gifts will be unwrapped by you.
No joyful sounds of excitement,
No special days out like we used to do.

We’re remembering all the good times
Such adventures we had together.
It was just so truly wonderful,
Seeing your face fill up with pleasure.

Parties, bowling, the theatre, swimming
Recalling thirty birthdays filled with fun.
But now that you’re up in heaven,
This will be a very sad and different one.

We’ve bought you some little presents
A Thomas the Tank, Darth Vader too.
Childhood toys that meant so much,
With very special memories of you.

We love you so much my darling
Wish you were here with us today.
It’s the first time you’re in heaven
That you celebrate your birthday.

So we stop for a few moments
Looking up to the clouds and sky.
Just hoping you can see us all
Sending kisses to you on high.

So, it’s happy birthday lovely boy
You’ll always be forever young.
Missing you so very much today
Our dearest Frank, beloved son.

18.1.1985 – 12.3.2015

Love you forever.
xxx xxx



The black cat visited you on your birthday x



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  1. I’m so sorry your son wasn’t physically with you to celebrate his special day. It’s so sweet that you celebrated anyway and shared happy memories you all had together. You now have the special job of keeping his memory alive and keeping his light going and you do a great job each day! Hugs & love to you. ❤

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