Special moments



Wednesday 20th January

are special moments
        that tell our

And don’t we have wonderful stories to tell and to share?

You and your brother were lucky enough to spend two years in Australia when you were young. It was like living in a travel and nature documentary. The flora and fauna were absolutely spectacular.
Birds, animals, fish, reptiles and even insects that we’d only ever seen in picture books or on the television, now became almost an everyday sighting.

Then there was the scenery: the marvellous beaches, wonderful rainforests, snowy mountains, arid bush, and magnificent barrier reef.

In April 1991 we decided to take a holiday and explore the Great Ocean Road, along the south east coast of Victoria. The scenic highway meanders along clifftops with splendid views of the limestone sea-stacks, gorges, blow-holes, surfing beaches and grottos. Such a breathtakingly beautiful route.

We stopped at Bells Beach, near Torquay where Point Break had been filmed; we stayed overnight at Port Campbell, just after the famous Twelve Apostles; we walked around Loch Ard Gorge and saw the London Bridge Arch; had a little car trouble at Warrnambool, where the transmission fluid had to be changed; and continued into South Australia to explore Mount Gambier.


Along the Great Ocean Road


The Twelve Apostles


Look at you, mischievously trying to dip your foot in the water....


Loch Ard Gorge


In front of the Twelve Apostles

You both loved to travel, take in new experiences, meet people, try new foods, and develop a curiosity for the world around you.
We were very lucky to explore so much of Australia, and give you an education that was just so special and unique.

And these special moments are now my memories, that tell your story.

Love you my darling.
Missing you every day.
Beloved Angel son.
xxx xxx


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