Memory Lane



Friday 22nd January

I walk down that memory lane
Because I love bumping into you.
Sitting, overlooking the harbour
Taking in the wonderful view.

Up and down the road in front
Watching all the passers-by,
You’d only speak when spoken to
Such a charming and polite guy.

Happy in your own little world
I imagine you walking along,
Hands in pockets, coat done up
Surely this is where you belong.

I close my eyes and think of you
Picturing us strolling together,
Talking about this and that
In the beautiful sunny weather.

So, here I am down memory lane
Bumping into you along the way.
I smile, thinking of the memories
But my heart breaks, day by day.

Love you sweetie.
Missing you.
Angel son.


The harbour this afternoon



A sunny corner of the harbour


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