Among the stars



Saturday 23rd January

“Shoot for the moon
Even if you miss
You’ll land among
The stars.”

I came across a photograph of you with Kelly Holmes, when you were about ten years old, taken at your junior school.
She is now Dame Kelly Holmes, and a double Olympic gold medallist.

I don’t think you really knew who she was then; an athlete who was touring schools to promote sport and a healthy lifestyle.
But I remember you were fascinated by this twenty-five year old lady who ran for a living.
Most often, strangers made you feel uncomfortable: you would hide, or go and find something else to do, like engrossing yourself in a book.
With Kelly Holmes, you asked all sorts of questions, not your usual shy self, at all.


You and Kelly Holmes


Kelly Holmes signed a photograph for you

Love and miss you so very much.
Are you running around having fun, my Angel?
Blowing kisses to you in heaven.



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  1. I could not help but think how many and wonderful memories you have made with Frank, including quite extraordinary ones like this one. You have done very well as a parent. Making memories, to me, is so precious. Thanks for reminding me that today.

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    • Thank you so much for your kind message.
      I suppose at the time we didn’t know we were making memories, we just took these opportunities as they were presented to us.
      I’m just so glad we have many, many photographs.

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