Gone too soon



Tuesday 2nd February

I’ll forever question why
You went to sleep that night
And didn’t wake up again
Never seeing the morning light.

With your head upon the pillow
Silently, to the angels you flew.
That your time was up
Just came out of the blue.

You’ve gone too soon, my boy
I’ll never get used to that
We were making so many plans
Now, swept under the mat.

Love you baby.
Missing you always.
Dearest Angel son.


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  1. I think when you lose someone. one of the hardest things to handle is the plans you made for the future. My best friend died suddenly with a lung aneurysm . We had our plans to make our annual trip to Hawaii. We had our tickets bought and paid for. So sad. I’m so sorry you to feel so sad. I have a blog of uplifting poems I started writing to give comfort to those who have suffered loss. i hope you come by. Blessings, Debbie

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  2. My heart aches each time I read. I don’t know how a momma can ever get over losing a child – no matter what age – just not the way it is supposed to be. Continue your grieving process. You will always love him. You will always have the memories. cherish the gift of time you were given. Momma hugs

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    • Thank you.
      Frank was thirty years old.
      He had Asperger Syndrome, Pierre Robin Syndrome, moderate learning difficulties, but he was our loving, caring, funny, amazing son.
      Diagnosed with testicular cancer in November 2014; found too late, as it had spread to lungs and brain; one day short of his one hundred days of treatment of chemotherapy, he fell asleep, and didn’t wake up again.
      We miss him desperately.

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