A day at the beach



Friday 8th April

After breakfast this morning, dad and I walked a mile and a half to the Corte Inglés (an up-market department store), for a Starbucks. A lovely stroll in the sunshine.

At twelve thirty, almost on the dot, your brother and his girlfriend arrived, picked us up from the hotel, and drove south out of Lisbon to a quiet beach area called Praia da Fonte da Telha. We had lunch and a few beers at a superb restaurant, then sat on the sand watching the kite and wind surfers. A fabulous way to spend a few hours.

I’m not sure you would have enjoyed this evening, though: probably far too late for you ~ we didn’t go out until eight thirty, sat down to order dinner at ten, and returned to the hotel just before midnight. Portuguese and Spanish people do eat late.
You would always have your dinner at six, on the dot. Such a hard and fastened routine for you. But it was what you had become used to.

Thinking of you every step of the way.
Love you so very much.
Missing you always.



The beach bar sandy seating area


A terrific setting for lunch


Dad, your brother and I


Smiling in the sunshine



Frankie Angel Bear on the sand dunes


A quiet spot


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