I know you’re somewhere



Saturday 9th April

This morning’s sunrise was so beautiful, as I watched it rise above the rooftops in the east.
And I thought of you.

We spent the morning at Lisbon Oceanarium: it was your brother’s choice. And a good one it was, too.
You have been to many wonderful aquariums, in Townsville, Australia, Myrtle Beach, USA, and Plymouth, UK, to name a few. You did like the ocean creatures and were fascinated by sharks, dolphins, penguins and rays.
I think you would have liked today. So much to see in the massive central tank, with many, many other exhibits and ocean life branching out from the main attraction.

After lunch, we drove east, into Spain, to your brother’s girlfriend’s house.

I really wish you could be here with all of us, but I suppose you are in spirit. And I’ll hold you close.

I know you’re somewhere.

Dearest Angel son.



This morning's sunrise from the hotel


Oceanário de Lisboa


Dad and I standing beneath a waterfall


A strange looking sunfish


Fabulous tropical fish

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  1. This is beautiful and your sentiments are very much felt here. I’m so happy that you can share your journey, memories and love in this way. Much love.

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