Thursday 21st April

Today we say goodbye to our younger son and his girlfriend. Having spent fifteen days in Spain with them both, we went off to Lisbon by coach, ready to fly tomorrow.

Before leaving, we stopped in Elvas, a frontier, fortress town, built within twelve-point star-shaped walls. We walked up and down narrow cobbled streets, peering into shop windows selling embroidered linens, silk flowers, and even cockatiels and lovebirds. Nearly all the buildings are whitewashed, with yellow ochre accents.
A coffee and pastry at a pavement cafe, time spent people watching and listening to the local sounds, made for a very pleasant morning.

The coach journey, (the first one we have made, since I don’t know when), was very comfortable. We drove through rolling countryside, covered with vineyards, olive groves, cork trees with stripped trunks, leaving a deep iron-oxide, rich brown colour, and fields of cows and sheep. The land is certainly well utilised.

The hotel, The Lisboa Tryp is excellent, and a short walk tomorrow morning to departures.

So there we are, the end of our non-sunny, Spanish sojourn.
You would have enjoyed this break, I’m sure. You loved travelling to anywhere new, taking in different cultures, language and food.
I miss you so much not being with us.
It’s just so very different.

Sweet dreams sweetheart.
Travel far and wide.
Love you forever.
My Angel son.



Arched entrance to the fortified town of Elvas


One of the many churches


Ancient doorway


Steep cobbled street


The main shopping street


Cappuccino at a pavement cafe


Beautiful cobbled walkways with ironwork balconies above


Entrance into the town, for pedestrians and vehicles


Part of the towns' walls

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