The rain



Wednesday 20th April

The rain in Spain……..
Falls mainly in Badajoz!

Well, so it seems to be.
We keep being told that this weather pattern is just so unusual, that normally the skies are cloudless, with temperatures into the eighties.

Oh well, never mind, and all that…..
We have enjoyed our fifteen day break with our younger son and his girlfriend, and there have been some sunny days, not least his birthday last Sunday.

But all good things must come to an end, and we are off to Lisbon tomorrow lunchtime, for a flight back to England on Friday morning.

It would have been better though, to have had some warmer weather……. all those shorts, t-shirts, swimming costumes have remained in our suitcase. Oh, c’est la vie! or as they say it here….. ¡así es la vida!

You would forever be telling us: “Oh, you need rain to survive, the ground needs the rain for plants to grow, animals need need rain to drink, stop moaning!”

💧 ☔ 💦 💧 ☔ 💦 💧 ☔ 💦 💧 ☔ 💦

So, it’s ok to cry, the clouds do it too.
Raindrops play a beautiful lullaby boo.

In the rain, no one sees your tears.
Raindrops sparkle as the sun appears.

Let the rain wash away the pain.
It may be grey, but it can’t forever rain.

Love you my sweetheart.
Dearest Angel son.
Missing you every day.



Rosebud and raindrops


Silk rose on the dining table


Tonight's sky

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  2. have i ever said that i find your writing and the photos and the emotions of your blog so very strong pure and beautiful? always touches my heat. thank you.

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