May day mizzle



Sunday 1st May

May day mizzle
Mist and drizzle.
Cool and grey
Bank holiday.

You really wouldn’t have liked this weather at all, wandering around the town in the rain. So we probably would have gone away for the bank holiday weekend.

I wonder where we would have gone?
Somewhere to keep you occupied and happy.
Perhaps shops to browse or a pool to swim,
Or a cinema to watch the latest film.

I do miss going away for weekends with you.
You liked to choose the hotel, and the restaurants where we would eat dinner.
You would go down to breakfast on your own, and then probably have a second breakfast with us when we were ready.

Missing you so very much.
Love you more each day.
Dearest Angel son.



A grey, grey day ~ so different from yesterday


Tulips and raindrops


Misty and damp


Narcissus and raindrops

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  1. This is beautiful. I love how your family did everything to make your son happy. What a beautiful family! He was blessed. And I know you are always blessed to have him as your son. I’m so sorry you can’t create new memories together but you do a great job always cherishing the old ones. ❤

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