Sleep tight sweetheart



Thursday 5th May

What a sight Dad and I made today; I think you would have had a wry smile, a chuckle even, and then you would have told us off for being disrespectful to our surroundings.

You see, it was a hot and sunny day, and we decided to clear your resting place of all the stones and rock, generally tidy it up in readiness for your headstone.
It’s been sixty weeks since you fell asleep and gained your Angel wings.

So there we were, garden fork and spade, trowels, buckets, watering can, compost and grass seed.
Dad said if anyone had come along to ask us what we were doing, he was going to tell them we were digging you up to take on holiday with us.
Oh dear. Oh dearie, dearie me.
But you’ve got to laugh, haven’t you?
Yes, it must have looked odd, two people setting to, with spades and forks, digging over a grave. But there were so many stones, that we had to have a proper clean up.

Yes, the cemetery groundsmen do keep the whole place tidy, but because we had covered your space with flowers, animals and windcatchers, and had kept it neat ourselves, they left us to do our own thing. They were very considerate and understanding towards us.

Normally the groundsmen would turf over at an appropriate time, as this is a lawned cemetery, but because of all your ‘decorations’, that was not possible.

Today, we took things into our own hands.
Having removed bucketloads of stones, we levelled out, spread new compost, sprinkled grass seed and watered thoroughly. Only then did we replace the flowers and other ornaments, and I must admit, it certainly looked much more fitting. I hope you think so too.
Sorry if we made too much noise.
Now we wait for the grass to grow.

Sleep tight sweetheart.
Precious Angel son.
Love you forever.
Missing you so much.







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  1. Well chuckling is always a beautiful thing….a good thing he’s not in a garden for I was told tomorrow is naked gardening day…imagine what the groundskeepers would say then? Just an added chuckle for your evening. Peace and healing thoughts, always, Kim

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