Saturday 7th May

Silent tears
Silent pain
Silent screams
Silent yet again.

Can’t see you
Can’t hear you
Can’t touch you
But I love you.

Inner thoughts
In our affections.

Smiling face
I imagine you here
A hug and embrace.

Miss you
My sweetheart
Must believe
We’re never apart.







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  1. Sometimes I wish I would live close to you and I could give you a big hug. Have you considered grief counseling? You went through so much and maybe a group of people with similar experiences would be comforting. Where I come from we have a saying and translated it means “shared sorrow is half the sorrow.” I find that often to be true.
    I have a t-shirt that says “Yes, these are fake, my real real ones tried to kill me.” Kick the big “C” in the butt girl.

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    • Thank you for your kind thoughts.
      I went through cognitive behaviour therapy last year, as advised by my doctor. It’s group therapy, but I felt, not really for me.
      I have toyed with the idea of attending bereavement/grief counselling, so maybe that will be something I need to do.
      Thank you again.
      Melanie x

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  2. These special ocassions like Mother’s Days, birthdays, or just, any days with the celebrations would be especially hard, but, we all still put one foot in front of the other, getting through these harder-than-usual days just the same…, and, eventually, you will miss your son less and less, but that will take time, so, give it more time…

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    • Thank you for your kind thoughts.
      Keep on keeping on, that’s what I do.
      A massive part of our lives is missing, but there are so many wonderful memories to cherish.

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