Can you feel my love?



Sunday 8th May

Can you feel my love
Up there in heaven above?

Can you sense my depression
In the peace of your heaven?

Do you see my head bowed
Way up there in the cloud?

Do you know you were gone too soon
As you look down from the moon?

Do you see me going through memoirs
As you twinkle amongst the stars?

Can you see me cry
Whilst up there in the sky?

Can you feel my love grow
On the other side of the rainbow?

I’ll be loving you forever
As your spirit blows on the zephyr.






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  1. My mom passed away 6 August 2015. She was the love of my life. This is my first Mother’s Day without her. I cannot begin to understand your pain, but I am sending a little daughter’s love from my bruised heart to yours.

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    • Thank you.
      (In England our Mother’s Day was in March, but no harm in having two special days ~ I had a lovely phone call from my younger son in Spain: Mother’s Day was yesterday there, too.)


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