Middle of a moment



Sunday 22nd May

In the middle of a moment
of happiness
Devastating pain waits silently
in the shadows.
Normalcy is turned upside down
in a few fleeting seconds.
A smile and carefree thought
frozen, smashed.

You were here, you’re not here
but you are here.
In a flash of chaos and turmoil
grief overwhelms.
It will always be there constantly
in the background.

Are you adept enough to
throw on the mask?
Did anyone else catch the
heartbreaking instant
When the sparkle turns dull
and tears well up?

It will be those many memories
that ease the sorrow
The remembered smiles and fun
the good times.
So fortunate that you existed
were part of our lives.
Such powerful emotions flow
from intense love.

And we do love you so very much.
We miss you everyday.

Beloved Angel son.




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