Time passes



Sunday 29th May

Time passes, slowly
Seconds, minutes, hours
Days, weeks, months.

Actually, it’s been
Over a year
Since you left us.

Four hundred
And forty four days,
To be exact.

And yet it seems
Like only yesterday
You were here.

But you’re not here
You’re there
Flying with Angel wings.

And I miss you
Every single day
I always will.

But I’ll keep on
Loving you
With all my heart.

I’ll remember you
And talk of you
Until I see you again.

My darling son
Precious young man
Now in heaven.





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  1. I can’t even imagine the tragedy you went through. I’m sorry about your son, but it is a beautiful poem. I hope now, after 444 days, you are starting to heal.

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  2. My friend Dana, used to post quite regularly about the loss of her daddy. I told her and I will tell you….look for a sign….a butterfly that has no reason to be fluttering by…a hummingbird that circles your head….I believe there are signs for those of us who are grieving so heavily. Just look for them.

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  3. Meaningful. Biologically we all see, the case and ripple of our lives chippering. Everyday a shed lays waste, slowly we are decomposing….sorry… maybe that was a little morbid. This poem expressed the heavy weight that loss carries over a person. With time, the memories do not fade. They rather seem … more… bearable. Love the poem.

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  4. It’s quite common, to keep track of the days which had passed, after your loved one’s gone, because you’re still grieving for him, but eventually, you will let go of the pains of loss, and start getting on with your lives without your loved one, and this still won’t come overnight, it comes, only after you had grieved fully, and are finally letting go, but still not forgetting, because it is impossible, to forget about such a painful loss in your lives.

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    • I know we will never, ever forget Frank, he was such a huge part of our lives. We just miss him so much, in so many ways, so often.
      I’m sure the pain will lessen eventually.


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